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Welcome to Dazzle by Brenda


Innovative products for today. 
As a wife and mom of two grown sons and two new daughter-in-laws Dazzle by Brenda has always been a dream for me. I would especially like to thank my husband for the love and support he has given me while achieving my dream. I would also like to thank my family as they mean the world to me. I always dreamed of opening an online store. 
I have personally hand selected all of my pieces.
I would love to hear from you!!
Emails, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram posts of you showing my products would brighten my day and will be shared on our social media (with your permission of course!). Please keep in touch and feel free to chat anytime as my customers are the reason I work so hard! My goal is to make you happy!
Thank you so much!
Brenda xoxo



Who Are We ?  

Our mission began in early 2014. We are an ​established​ e-commerce website with our own fulfillment center that sources high quality products at the best possible prices. We  do not operate physical stores with high rent costs, wages & overheads which allow us to  give ​YOU​ amazing prices. As well as this we have partners all over the world (USA,  Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and China among others) which supply us with unique products that make your life easier on a day to day basis.  

Our Mission 

Our main goal is to differentiate ourselves from the rest. We at Dazzle By Brenda  know that our customers want custom products delivered to their doorsteps as soon as possible and guess what? We have that covered!  

We ship internationally and are with you ​EVERY​ step of the way until your product is at  your doorstep.... it does ​NOT​ stop there we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied  

Our Promise  

We strive to ​ALWAYS​ deliver that’s why we have a 3 step customer satisfaction  guarantee to ensure you have the BEST possible experience: 

  ✓​ 45 Day Money Back Guarantee 

  ✓​ Super EASY Returns 

 ✓​ 100% Customer Satisfaction 

Want To Know More?  

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at: ​ ​our SUPER helpful dedicated support team is always willing to help! 





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